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goodbye, for now

here i sit on a saturday night pondering what the next nine months of my life will look like.  i move to USC this week.  a new chapter of life will begin.  the twenty-four hours that construct each day will be permeated with classes to attend, deadlines to meet, and social events and clubs to take part in. in the midst of this constant schedule i hope to make each day count.  for Christ.  for those around me.  & for  myself, so that at the end of the day Christ will be honored and so that i will be filled with the joy He provides.  during this venture i will be majoring in International Relations (Global Business).  i hope to work and study my hardest in every class so that I can apply these skills to a career one day.  i hope to obtain an internship within the year.  i hope to study abroad.  i hope to build life-long friendships.  i hope to maintain tight-knit relationships with those that i love already. i hope to give my all in every circumstance.

so friends, i leave you with this, not knowing when the next time i will write or update this blog.

fight on!

spring break in new england

My best friend and I were lucky enough to get to go to the east coast over spring break.  Her aunt Valerie lives in Providence, Rhode Island, which I loved instantly.  She was gracious enough to not only open up her home to us, but to make us delightfully appetizing meals (Jacqueline too!) and take us on fun little outings.   The plan for our first day was to take a day to drive through Cape Cod.  In honor of Stacey's birthday, Valerie surprised us by giving us a night at a resort on the Cape.  We had so much fun walking through quaint villages, seeing the beautiful beaches, and eating delicious food.  When we woke up the second day it was raining and we stumbled upon the cutest little diner that served fresh, hand-cut donuts.  I mean c'mon...rain and donuts.  If you know me you know it doesn't get much better than that.

The next day Stace and I explored the charming college town of Providence.  Brown University was the most picturesque campus I have yet to walk through.  That day we also got to visit Valerie's work at NBC studios.  It was so cool seeing the news being recorded!

Then it was off to Boston, where I fell in love again.  Honestly, I don't know what it is about that city that I adore so much.  It's just great.  The following morning we were up bright and early to catch our three hour train ride into the Big Apple.  Our first stops included the You've Got Mail locations such as Kathleen Kelly's apartment and the cafe where Joe Fox and Kathleen are supposed to meet for the first time.  Of course I wouldn't go to New York without doing this :)  I think we must have walked at least 5 miles that day because we started on the Upper West Side, walked through Central Park and ended up at our hotel in Times Square about seven hours later.  It was totally worth it seeing the city that way though.  To top off the day the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity lived up to its hype. On Friday we went to Greenwhich Village and shopped in SoHo.  While enjoying the sun and sipping the best lattes of the whole trip in Washington Square Park, a really talented jazz band happened to be performing.  That moment was probably my favorite of New York.

Back in Rhode Island on our last day, Valerie drove us through the farm land in Rhode Island to eat a delicious breakfast at a little restaurant in an old barn.  The drive reminded me of Ireland.  I want to go back.

Anyways, I'm going to stop here because I could go on and on but I'd be surprised if anyone read this much.

Day 1: Valerie's home
spring break 26620

spring break 26624
spring break 26613
spring break 26616
& Cape Cod
spring break 26630
spring break 26644

spring break 26669
spring break 26673
spring break 26689
spring break 26737
Day 2 of Cape Cod
spring break 26830
spring break 26835
spring break 26842

spring break 26895
Day 3 Providence, Rhode Island
spring break 26952
spring break 27006
spring break 27058
spring break 27067

spring break 27105
spring break 27125
spring break 27139

spring break 27152 - Version 2
spring break 27161
Day 4 Boston, Massachusetts
spring break 27187
spring break 27191
spring break 27223
spring break 27237
spring break 27253

spring break 27269
spring break 27274
spring break 27297
Days 5&6 New York, New York
spring break 27363

spring break 27351
spring break 27355
spring break 27386
spring break 27420
spring break 27426
spring break 27428
spring break 27433
spring break 27438
spring break 27471
spring break 27522
spring break 27526

spring break 27544
spring break 27552

spring break 27575
spring break 27592
spring break 27597
spring break 27617
spring break 27630
spring break 27634
spring break 27646
spring break 27670
spring break 27679
spring break 27681
Last day in Rhode Island
spring break 27702
spring break 27714
spring break 27704
spring break 27720
spring break 27730
spring break 27739